Yamanakako Myojin Mae Intersection Development
Yamanakako Myojin Mae Intersection Development

Intersection redevelopment in Yamanakako Village, Yamanashi Prefecture, at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

The proposal of the Myojin-mae Intersection will improve the safety and convenience of national, prefectural, and village roads, by their redevelopment and connection via a new public plaza. A bus waiting area will serve as a transportation hub and will be co-located with an event and commercial space, making it a place where village locals and visitors/tourists can meet and interact. We are designing this project in collaboration with experts such as those in civil engineering, urban design, and branding.

This proposal was awarded as the 2021 design competition winner.


Wide area map creation: EAU
Data Sheet
  • Design(Architecture)
    SUGAWARADAISUKE Architects Inc.
    (Daisuke Sugawara, Yuki Nakao, Ryoko Maeda/after Design Development)
  • Coordination
    Engineers Architects Urban Planners Ltd. (EAU)
  • Exterior Rotary
    Engineers Architects Urban Planners Ltd. (EAU)
  • Business Operations
    Urban Design Institute Co., Ltd. (URDI)
  • Road
    Central Consultant Inc.
  • Traffic Advisor
    Mobility Design
  • Logo Design
  • Location
    Yamanakako Village, Yamanashi Prefecture, JAPAN
  • Completion Date
  • Operator
    Yamanakako Village