Tokyo’s Urban Network

The design for the “SEE LV” gift shop expresses “Tokyo’s Urban Network” that continuously offers new creations, environments and characteristics unique to the city.

Tokyo is composed of various buildings of different shapes and scales, from large high-rise buildings to small wooden detached houses. This creates variation and granularity where several cultures can be found to coexist in the different spaces. They are connected by the endless city streets, stimulating each other to dynamically transmit new creations.

In this capacious space, we have created the “Tokyo Urban Network” using the “SEE LV” Tokyo exhibition key visual of 3D triangle shapes in a pixelated pattern, in the theme colour of pink.

Walking through the streets of the “Tokyo Urban Network”, the space composed of abstract volumes changes at every corner, including colour, scale, and background scenery.

Enjoy a new encounter with Louis Vuitton through a spatial experience where diversity of the wonderful worlds coexist like Tokyo.

Data Sheet
  • Creative direction
    SUGAWARADAISUKE Architects Inc. (Daisuke Sugawara)
  • Schematic Design
    SUGAWARADAISUKE Architects Inc. (Daisuke Sugawara, Mika Fujisaka, Jeremy Shigemitsu)
  • Design Development + Supervisor
  • Location
    Tokyo, JAPAN
  • Design Period
    Apr. 2022 – May. 2022
  • Construction Period
    Jun. 2022 – Jul. 2022