We are an inter-disciplinary creative group centered on architectural thinking led by Daisuke Sugawara, whose work includes university professor and local government advisor. Our unique members, each with our own fields of expertise, gather and network ideas and experiences to thereby envision, build, and implement a beautiful future of "narrative landscapes".
We determine the object and style of design required by the client and the requested situation to improve the value of place and time while spanning several fields of practice including urban planning, architecture, branding, workshop design, disaster area support, and operation of local cafes.
Through research analysis, consulting, and design, we provide our clients and the world with "value that can only be created by the unique place and people." Our strong, trustworthy design is changing society through publicity, profitability, and sustainability, having been recognized by over 40 awards in Japan and internationally.


Architect (first-class architect) / Creative Director
Associate Professor at Tokyo Denki University Faculty of Future Science Department of Architecture
Doctor of Architecture, Ph.D. (Arch) from Waseda University, Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering
Urban Planning Advisor for Yamanashi Prefecture and Shibuya City of Tokyo
Chofu City Landscape Observation Deliberative Committee
Regular Member of the Architectural Institute of Japan
Director of FUJIMI LOUNGE, Community Lounge

Daisuke Sugawara led projects in over 22 cities and 10 countries at architecture firms in Japan and France before returning to Japan to start his independent practice. His inter-disciplinary experience in developing society and culture in Europe, combined with experience in creative direction since starting his own business, has enabled him to explore different fields such as regional and global, public and private, academic research and social implementation. His specialization is in networked concept development and its overall design. Through this work, Daisuke Sugawara developed the concept of “Narrative landscapes”. "Narrative landscapes" addresses the entire ecosystem to include not only the material objects but also the scenery and stories behind those things. His work always aims to realize a holistic future for society and his clients through this concept of "narrative landscapes" and has been recognized by over 40 awards in Japan and overseas.

  • 1977

    Born in Tokyo, Japan

  • 2000

    Bachelor of Architecture at Nihon University

  • 2003

    Completed the Master Course at Graduate School of Science
    & Engineering, Waseda University

  • 2004

    Registered as First-Class Architect. (license no. 312817) / Japan

  • 2004

    Worked at [C+A Tokyo] / JAPAN

  • 2004 - 05

    Worked at [Jakob+Macfarlane] / France

  • 2005 - 07

    Worked at [Shigeru Ban Architect Europe] / France

  • 2007 -


  • 2011 - 16

    Rikuzentakata Lantern Project, a disaster area support group: Riku × Tomo founding and steering member

  • 2013 - 19

    Lecturer at College of Science and Technology, Nihon University

  • 2015 - 16

    Lecturer at Department of Architecture, Waseda University

  • 2015 - 16

    Chief Editor of GROUNDSCAPE paper

  • 2016 - 19

    Lecturer at Department of Architecture, Toyo University

  • 2016 - 19

    Doctor Course at Graduate School of Science & Engineering, Waseda University

  • 2017 -

    Founder at SUGAWARADAISUKE Architects Inc.

  • 2017 -

    Town-scape Adviser for Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

  • 2018 - 22

    Lecturer at Faculty of Engineering and Design, Hosei University

  • 2019 - 23

    Townscape Advisor for Minato City, Japan

  • 2019 - 22

    Lecturer at Department of Architecture, Kogakuin University

  • 2020 -

    Town-scape Advisor for Shibuya City, Japan

  • 2020 - 22

    Lecturer at Department of Science and Technology, Meiji University

  • 2021 - 23

    Producer of Chofu City Town Development

  • 2021 -

    Chofu City Landscape Observation Deliberative Committee

  • 2021

    Doctor of Architecture from the Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering, Waseda University

  • 2022 -

    Associate professor at Tokyo Denki University School of Science and Technology for Future Life Department of Architecture

  • 2021 - 23

    Adachi Ward Shikahama West Elementary School Land Utilization Business Operator Selection Committee External Member (Chairman of the Examination Committee)

  • 2023 -

    Member of the Tokyo Advertisement Council

Yuki Nakao

Kagoshima University, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Master of Architecture and Architectural Engineering

Hobbies: photography

Project Lead:
Yamanakako Myojin-mae

Junpei Hayashi

Kanagawa University, Graduate School of Engineering, Master of Architecture

Hobbies: literary novels; thinking about space and emotion

Takuya Hirose

Ibaraki University, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Master of Engineering

Hobbies: Japanese sake, whisky; camping

Office Management
Toshie Sugawara
Fujimi Lounge, Director

Naomi Sunohara