Village-like contemporary housing unit complex merges into the surrounding natural landscape. As a result of collaborative works by local carpenters and architects, this housing complex shows how humanitarian aid could possibly work.
Sumita, a part of Kesen region, is a neighboring town nearby Rikuzentakata. This housing complex is constituted of this town’s “temporary wooden housing unit.” Architects planned infrastructure and housing organization. This “organization” was the key concept for the design we proposed. The existing infrastructure was actively utilized. Housing units were arranged to provide different views from interior to create interaction with other residents through gardens, while appropriately protecting private space. Though this housing complex is recently built, it has an ever-lasting “village-like” atmosphere.
In the local communities throughout the devastated areas, “linking design” would function to reevaluate and relocate local resources. By interpreting given condition, new strategy would revive the essence of spaces. We believe the role of architects is to be searched within this attitude.

Data Sheet
  • Name
    Temporary Housing of Rikuzentakata
  • Housing Unit Design
    Sumita Housing Industry Corporation (Kazuhito Nakano)
  • Infrastructure and Master plan Design
    SUGAWARADAISUKE (Daisuke Sugawara) + Masayuki Harada
  • Construction
    Sumita Housing Industry Corporation
  • Photographer
    Takumi Ota
  • Location
    Otomo-cho Usozawa, Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Pref.
  • Construction Period
    May 2011 – Jul. 2011
  • Project Detail
Prize & Media


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