Installation Art “Form for Invisible ” @ OOTEMACHI / TOKYO

We inject big thin transparent wall with colourful capsules to the INTERSPACE of office skyscrapers
at the centre of Tokyo, OOTEMACH, not having the situations for charity work.
‘‘The supporters’’, office workers can pull out the capsule from 12 drawers from the transparent wall,
and find out the blind message in the capsule to feel the blind world.
On same time, the capsule topography and the space colour change INTARACTIVELY,
according to the supporter’s action to pull out capsules with different drawers.

Data Sheet
  • Design
    SUGAWARADAISUKE (Daisuke Sugawara) + Saito Shoji + Yagi Toshihumi
  • Client
    SANKEI building Inc
  • Site
    Tokyo, JAPAN
  • Photo
    Koich Torimura