CELL + fabric/wood Apartment Renovation

CELL” is a SOHO “one-room apartment” renovation project. Main target is to maximize the functions and space perception in the small spaces.
There are three areas. “Equipment core”, “Free Space” and “Intermediate area”. Each area shares one space to dominate maximum functions and depth like “CELL”. Those twisting boundary surfaces are planned to control the connection between each area.
This place shows us various aspects and connections between areas according to moving viewpoints, sunlight and the different activities.
This experience in “CELL” may be the same with forest or field walk, giving us discovery and surprise.
※Cell has two rooms in different stories with the same plan. Each boundary surfaces are designed by the free curved surfaces with fabric / wooden triangle surfaces.

Data Sheet
  • Name
    CELL + fabric/wood
  • Architect
    SUGAWARADAISUKE (Daisuke Sugawara)
  • Construction
    Marui Kousan Corporation
  • Photographer
    Ota Takumi, Daisuke Sugawara(only outside)
  • Location
    2nd and 3rd floor, S-Mansion, Katsushika, Tokyo, JAPAN
  • Design period
    Jun. 2010 – Nov. 2010
  • Construction period
    Nov. 2010 – Mar. 2011
Prize & Media

2011Silver Prize“JCD Design Award 2011″ (JCD) / JAPAN

2011Archdaily, (web magazine) / CHILE

2011archilover (web magazine) / ITALY

2011Dezeen Web magazine (出版:Dezeen Limited) / UK

2011Architizer Web magazine (Architizer) / USA

2011FRAME Magazine_Issue82 (出版:FRAME) / NETHERLANDS