This is “design T-shirt “for Charity event for a Haiti and Chile large earthquake.
150 celebrity were selected to participate in this. Politicians, The governor, Architects, designers, Singers and etc.
Charity them is the smile network in the world from Marunouchi.
Sunny Sky is always peaceful makes us smile.
“Smile Sky” is T-shirt deformed the shape blue button ties. Shadow and color on the textile change like Sky by light, wind and buttons.
I hope “Smile Sky” makes smile network on the earth like peaceful sky.

Data Sheet
  • Client
    (marunouchi) HOUSE
  • Art Direction
    SUGAWARADAISUKE (Daisuke Sugawara)
  • Photo
    SUGAWARADAISUKE (Daisuke Sugawara)
  • Model
    Misato Honda