Mieko Kanamori Exhibitioin /The new appearance of the metal –crafts connecting the ancient and future-

Mieko Kanamori is a Japanese hammering craft artist. We delightfully had an opportunity of directing concept and designing her exhibition.

The crafts, those are fundamentally used as the equipment in our life. However in Japan, Honzen ryori (full-course Japanese haute cuisine), Tea ceremony and Flower arrangement have been improving the crafts to the arts. Also, there is a history of discovering the worth of beauty from inside of the lives themselves as an instance of Mingei (Japanese folk craft) movement. In conclusion, those were interfaces of borrowing the nature to keep our lives since the old days.

Her impressed handworks are associating the hard material “metal” with the nature and human being.

In regard to the exhibition planning, we set the common backgrounds through the various artworks with different sizes and uses.

The hanging frames and top boards of display tables are made by white painted wooden fiber cement boards. We aimed to create the exhibition space as if the metal art works are floating up due to the combination with our setting and existing gallery space.

Data Sheet
  • Concept Direction
    SUGAWARADAISUKE Architacts (Daisuke Sugawara, Azusa Ichimura)
  • Exhibition Design
    SUGAWARADAISUKE Architects(Daisuke Sugawara)
  • Location
    Tokyo, Shibuya
  • Photo
  • Deign Period
    2017.03 – 2017.04
  • Website