‘Clockwork Surface’ is an art work for a lecture hosted by MATECO (Material Atmosphere Texture Environment Colour Organization), where lecturers are asked to express their profession using a certain material and put it in a box.
Metal is a material that is capable of tracing the moments on its surface. Mirrored surface reflects the transitions, rusted surface catches the layers.
‘Clockwork Surface’ is composed of two timepieces in a box. A mirrored finished timepiece, and a framed photograph of it at the moment of completion. The photograph is petrified as a shiny pristine version of itself, but on the contrary, the actual surface weathers over the time losing its shine, revealing the layered moments and flow of time.
Shikinen Sengu (transfer of a deity to a new shrine building) is held once in 20 years at Ise-Jingu Shrine. On October 10th 2014, the day Tsukiyominomiya of Ise Jingu Shrine was transferred to its new self, ‘Clockwork Surface’ was completed, photographed, and began to tick.

Data Sheet
  • Planning
    MATECO Yukie Kato
  • Design
  • Making Support
    Mieko Kanamori