Daisuke Sugawara Principal Director at SUGAWARADAISUKE
First Class Architect, Creative Director
Townscape Adviser for Yamanashi, Japan
Urbanscape Adviser for Minato-City, Tokyo , Japan
Urbanscape Adviser for Shiuya-City, Tokyo , Japan
Lecturer at Hosei University・Kogakuin University・Meiji University
Community Lounge FUJIMI LOUNGE Owner
  • 2020 -Lecturer at Department of Science and Technology, Meiji University
  • 2020 -Town-scape Adviser for Shibuya City, Japan
  • 2019 -Lecturer at Department of Architecture, Kogakuin University
  • 2019 -Town-scape Adviser for Minato City, Japan
  • 2018 -Lecturer at Faculty of Engineering and Design, Hosei University
  • 2017 -Town-scape Adviser for Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
  • 2017 -Founder at SUGAWARADAISUKE Architects Inc.
  • 2016 – 19Doctor Course at Graduate School of Science & Engineering, WASEDA University
  • 2015 – 19Lecturer at Department of Architecture, Toyo University
  • 2015 – 16Chef Editor of GROUNDSCAPE paper
  • 2015 – 16Lecturer at Department of Architecture, Waseda University
  • 2013 – 19Lecturer at College of Science and Technology, Nihon University
  • 2015 -Department of Architecture, Waseda University
  • 2013 -Lecturer at College of Science and Technology, Nihon University
  • 2007 -Established SUGAWARADAISUKE
  • 2005 – 07Worked at <Shigeru Ban architect Europe> / France
  • 2004 – 05Worked at <Jakob+Macfarlane> / France
  • 2004Worked at <C+A Tokyo> / JAPAN
  • 2004Registered on First Class Architect. (license no. 312817) / JAPAN
  • 2003Completed the Master Course at Graduate School of Science & Engineering, WASEDA University
  • 2000Bachelor of Architecture at Nihon University
  • 1977Born in Tokyo JAPAN
SUGAWARADAISUKE is an architects and art-directors office valued internationally,
working on different areas like urban design, landscape, architecture, interior, graphic design and branding.
Our target is to make our world beautiful and colorful by integrating different scales and elements.
The cross-cutting creativity is based on global viewpoints and architectural background.
Our  design phylosophy and space making social change are awarded more than 30 prizes over the world.
山本 明弥香
Ayaka Yamamoto/2nd class architect, Manager
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture at Tokyo University of Arts
Master of Film and New Media at Graduate School of Tokyo University of Art
Atmos studio (London/UK), NHK CosmoMedia Europe (London/UK)
2017- SUGAWARADAISUKE Architects Inc.
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Kazuyoshi Tsuzuki / 2nd class architect, Architect
Bachelor of Architecture and Civil Engineering at Toyohashi University of Technology
Master of Civil and Architectural at Graduate School of Kokushikan University
As site manager of wooden
2020- SUGAWARADAISUKE Architects Inc.
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Yuki Nakao / Designer
Bachelor of Architecture and Architectural Engineering at Kagoshima University
Master of Architectural Engineering at Graduate School of Kagoshima University
2020- SUGAWARADAISUKE Architects Inc.
  • 2019.05Produce / ModeratorJIA Seminor2019(The Japan Institute of Architects) / TOKYO
  • 2018.09Exhibit / Lecture‘ATARASHII KENCHIKU NO TANOSHISA’ 2018
  • 2018.04Lecture“Architecture and Photography—Investigating the Future and the Past”
    (Noritaka Minami Solo Exhibition “California City, California” ,KANA KAWANISHI PHOTOGRAPHY) / TOKYO
  • 2018.01ExhibitJapon, l’archipel de la maison(Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine) / FRANCE
  • 2017.06Contribution Japon, l’archipel de la maison(houzz)/JAPAN
  • 2016.06Exhibit Design“Doboku(Civil engineering)”(21_21 DESIGN SIGHT) / JAPAN
  • 2016.03LectureMasahiro Kinoshita “Optimized Architecture” Gallery Talk(KYOTO INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, KYOTO Design Lab) / JAPAN
  • 2016.01LectureTOKU TALK ‘16 January (JCD) / JAPAN
  • 2016.01Lecture“The possibility of anew glass”(AGC studio) / JAPAN
  • 2015.06Cover StoryKJ 2015/08(KJ) / JAPAN
  • 2015.06Exhibit / LectureJapon, l’archipel de la maison(Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine) / FRANCE
  • 2015.06ContributionZOOM Japon 2015/06(Editions Ilyfunet) / FRANCE
  • 2014.11Exhibit / Lecture“ATARASHI KENCHIKU NO TANOSHISA 2014” (“ATARASHI KENCHIKU NO TANOSHISA 2014” Committee / AGC studio) / TOKYO
  • 2014.10Jury6th Jury of architecture design competition for students, Omon-kai in Nihon University / TOKYO
  • 2014.10Exhibit / Lecture“JUNIN SOIRO vol.3 / NO METAL N0O LIFE” (MATECO) / TOKYO
  • 2014.09Exhibit“Japon, l’archipel de la maison” / FRANCE
  • 2013.01ContributionDetail 195 2013/01 (Magazine) / JAPAN
  • 2012.07Exhibit / LectureJA86 “Next Generation -Manifestations of Architects Under 35-” (Shinkenchiku) / TOKYO
  • 2012.03Exhibit“Ville et architecture après le 11 mars – Comment les architectes régénèrent-ils le local?” (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris-Malaquais) / FRANCE
  • 2012.04ContributionJun Itami “Vestigial Impressions” (Gallery-MA) / TOKYO
  • 2012.03Exhibit“RESET – 11.03.11#New Paradigms” (Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya) / SPAIN
  • 2012.02Moderator“Urbanisme et imaginaires numériques” (Institut français du Japon – Tokyo) / TOKYO
  • 2012.02Lecture“Unlimited City” @ Apple Store Ginza (Institut français du Japon – Tokyo) / TOKYO
  • 2012.02Lecture“Temporary Refugee Housing” @ 3331 Arts chiyoda (ADcafe) / TOKYO
  • 2011.08Lecture“Temporary Wooden Housing in Rikuzentakata” (moretrees) / TOKYO
  • 2011.07LectureJCD Design Caravan ”Nico Nico Shop” (Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association) / TOKYO
  • 2011.07LectureGS24 “Temporary Wooden Housing” (Groundscape Design Institute) / TOKYO
  • 2011.07Lecture“Activities After 3.11” (Nihon University Dept. of Architecture Graduates) / TOKYO
  • 2010.04Exhibit150 Designers’ T-shirts Charity Auction for the Victims of Earthquakes in Haiti / Chile (marunouchi HOUSE) / TOKYO
  • 2009.06ContributionCampo Baeza Architecture “The Creation Tree” (Gallery-MA) / TOKYO
  • 2009.02Lecture“Value Innovation of Architecture” (Architecture Salon) / TOKYO
  • 2006.10ExhibitArchiLab 2006 (FRAC Centre) / FRANCE
  • 2004.08Exhibit“Daisuke Sugawara Exhibition” (Institut français du Japon – Yokohama) / YOKOHAMA
  • 2003.06ExhibitYugoslavia Biennale 2003 / YUGOSLAVIA
  • 2003.10ExhibitTokyo Designers Block 2003 (TOM products) / TOKYO
  • 2001.10Plan / Management21st century Architecture Conference 3rd (Architectural Institute of Japan) / TOKYO
  • 2000.05Exhibit23rd LEMON Exhibition of Student’s Works (LEMON GASUI) / TOKYO