Population, Ecology, Economy and Technology…
Our time is in the age of important transition to the next cultivation with big social change.
This is why design to transform the world is required now for the next era.

Our design covers wide range of different fields.
- urban design, landscape, architecture, seismic retrofit, renovation, preservation,
branding, retail design, exhibition design, and disaster relief design.

What leads us to extend our activities is our policy of how
to make the world exquisite and colorful by creating NARRATIVE LANDSCAPEs.
The main target of NARRATIVE LANDSCAPEs Design is not to make the object
but to recompose the future landscape and story of the world
with linking between nature/human history and the cutting-edge innovations.
We believe this is the fundamental role of architects and creators of our society and generation.
Our high quality design phylosophy and form are awarded more than 30 prizes over the world.

SUGAWARADAISUKE Principal Director